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A Growing Trend

Each day the commercial world moves a little closer toward understanding the enormous benefits of greenery in corporate spaces as the biophilic movement continues to trend in popularity. Artificial plants are so much more than decor--they have the power to reshape the character of your space, and improve the quality of life for people who use it.

Faux plants have so much variety, so many different silhouettes and attitudes, that it can be hard to imagine what that word encompasses. If you were picturing a standard office desktop fern, you’d be exactly right, but “plants” also includes grasses, cacti, hanging plants, succulents, bamboo, english ivy, and so many other varieties.

The World of Artificial Plants

Some types of plants have a very specific geographical source, and they can be used to create immersive themes that represent an atmosphere completely unlike yours. Artificial tropical plants and flowers create a wild aesthetic with deep green leaves and hanging vines that steal you in a transportive experience. Alternatively, a blend of cacti, succulents and hardy grasses can promote a sunny southwestern character more suited to your style.

But the benefits of fake indoor silk plants go beyond gimmicks and theming. In fact, the presence of plants, real or artificial, has been proven to promote workplace performance and boost the general happiness and satisfaction of people in that space (from CBRE and
University of Twente). Your indoor plantscaping doesn’t have to involve a grand theme or motif to enact these benefits either, even a minor presence of greenery is beneficial to people’s well-being.

Having such a wonderful impact on the contentment of people is a big reason enough to commit to a biophilic interior, and tons of forward-thinking businesses are eager to ride the wave. Representing your brand and values through green expressions and creating experiential atmospheres is what we’re all about. Our landscape architects can recommend artificial plant varieties for your space, and work with you to further define composition and layout as part of a bespoke design + build process. If you’re not sure where to start, reach out to our customer service or sales team and we’ll start building your biophilic vision today.