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The Nature of Interiors

Your space is special. If you own or manage an office building, you feel a connection to the people and businesses that partner with you to operate there. Just like running a hotel or popular venue, there’s nothing more important than the outward beauty and welcoming atmosphere you provide for your patrons. You want people to come in, enjoy their stay, and ideally give them a good reason to come back again and again.

Your space is special because of the experiences it provides to people. Every interior has some kind of personality, a directional flow, intentional vistas and lines of sight that guide people, and the way you design and dress your setting should capitalize on that.

Artificial Foliage vs Fake Plants

But building an exceptional atmosphere is not an easy achievement. Most offices--most buildings in general suffer from a lack of aesthetic intent, and try to cover it up with off-the-shelf plastic plants. These fake plants tend to look sad and droopy even from a distance, and their faux foliage feels thin and papery to the touch, often with fraying edges in a poor imitation of classic fake silk plants.

It may surprise you to learn that there is a marked difference between these cheap imposters you find in home goods stores, and the artificial foliage created by Commercial Silk. Our foliage is made from premium materials that look like the real deal. Our artificial foliage is crafted by artists with substantial skill and experience; each leaf and every frond being given rich botanical detail just like its live counterpart, down to the very veins and variegation.

Bespoke Biophilic Interiors

But having a special interior that represents you and your brand needs more than quality products--it should be unique and designed to your standards, and it should broadcast those standards to everyone. That’s why we offer our foliage at the component level, as individual sprays or branches so that you can create a customized, completely unique composition not found in any other building.

And if interior landscape design doesn’t fall into your skill set, we can help with that too. Our Landscape Architects are always available to get involved in your projects, to help you design your next space, and offer their expert advice on artificial foliage varieties and composition. We draw on the existing character of your space, and use our architectural experience to accentuate its personality and create a fresh biophilic experience.